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"Dr. Underhill, You're the most gentle dentist I've ever had, I will refer you to everyone I know."

~ Leonora


"I've never felt so comfortable at a dental office before, especially while having a root canal procedure. You guys are awesome!"

~ Gus

"I just love your dental office, It's so high tech & beautiful! Everyone is so friendly, I don't feel any pain when I'm being worked on, I didn't even feel the shot. Now, I'm not afraid to go to the dentist anymore, Thanks Dr. Underhill!"

~ Michelle

"I like how you gave me options regarding my treatment plan & how you explained each one of them so thoroughly. Thank you so much for your time & for answering all my questions. I'm so glad that I chose you to be my new dentist, I will definitely refer you to all my friends & family."

~ Michael

"Wow, I've never had a root canal done in less than an hour & I didn't even feel anything, You did a great job, Thank You!"

~ Jake

"We don’t mind driving across town to see Dr. Underhill, She's worth it! She's so nice & her staff is wonderful. We love how her office hours are so flexible, it makes it easy for us to schedule an appointment."

~ Craig & Madz